Near-real time Validation of Total Ozone Column

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Near-real time GOME2/MetopA, GOME2/MetopB and GOME2/MetopC Total Ozone Columns are routinely downloaded from the EumetSat providers DLR Earth Observation Center and validated against near-real time ground-based Brewer and Dobson Total Ozone Columns routinely deposited in the World Meteorological Organisation Ozone Mapping Center. The comparative datasets are updated weekly. 

For further information please contact Dr MariLiza Koukouli, Dr. Katerina Garane or Dr Dimitris Balis




NOTA BENE: The ground-based Brewer and Dobson total ozone column measurements used in the quality assurance and monitoring of the NRT satellite total ozone columns are preliminary. For comparisons with the fully quality-controlled ground-based measurements, please visit the Offline Validation of Total Ozone Columns pages.