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Offline GOME2/MetopA, GOME2/MetopB and GOME2/MetopC Total Ozone Columns are routinely downloaded from the DLR Earth Observation Center whereas the IASI/MetopA and IASI/MetopB Total Ozone Columns are periodically provided by the Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales, LATMOS, and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB, and are analysed using the FORLI-v2015 algorithm.  Both are validated against quality-assured ground-based Brewer, Dobson and M-124- Total Ozone Columns routinely deposited in the World Ozone and Ultraviolet Data Centre. 


Furthermore, official NASA OMI/Aura [OMDOAO3 & OMTO3] Total Ozone Columns are downloaded from the Aura Data Validation Center and are similary analysed. 


For historical and comparative purposes, official ESA SCIAMACHY/Envisat SGP5.02 Total Ozone Columns are also shown, as well as NASA TOMS/EP v8.5, downloaded from ESA Earth OnLine and NASA Ozone and Air Quality respectively. 


The comparative datasets are updated monthly. 


For further information please contact Dr MariLiza Koukouli, Dr. Katerina Garane or Dr Dimitris Balis




Interested data clients are reminded that the data within the WOUDC archive must be considered preliminary. While the WOUDC examines data sets for format and ranges of values, the originators of these data are ultimately responsible for data quality, and should always be consulted if there are questions.

For scientific purposes, access to these data is unlimited and provided without charge. By their use you accept that an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners whenever substantial use is made of their data. In all cases, an acknowledgement must be made to the data providers or owners and to the data centre when these data are used within a publication.